Jan 5, 2012

Your daily insight

Courtesy of Roberta in her comments section. The instigating post details some of the latest in Hoosier Democrats hooky game over right-to-work legislation. (Apparently the lawmakers hit the mattresses in Illinois to study political ethics under Rahm Emmanuel.)

If government workers drive wages up too far, the government that employs them doesn't end up having to move offshore or go out of business, it just shakes down taxpayers for more.

To which I can add only that it shakes us down somewhat candidly with a direct tax hike, or Secret Squirrelly by revving up the Bureau of Printing and Engraving presses a little more. 

The latter produces a tax called "inflation" which lawmakers can blame on greedy business people, or terrorists, or global warming --  in fact, most anyone or anything other than vote-buying asses who happen to possess enough show-biz charisma to get themselves elected to high public office.

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