Feb 29, 2012

The case of the runaway hoplophobes

"Those guns are scary, aren't they, Fauntleroy? We must  run and hide."

Thus spake one Iowa Democrat house member to another this morning, whereupon all 40 Democrats skeddaddled rather than debate reasonable gun control. At this writing they're still missing,  and the 60 Republicans down there are sitting around, twiddling their thumbs.

At issue are one bill and one resolution scheduled for consideration today. The latter would begin the process of amending the state Constitution to guarantee certain firearms rights.

The bill is a stand-your-ground measure permitting the citizen to defend himself anywhere and remove our current "duty to retreat."

May I say a word or two directly to my Democrat friends? Thank you.

"Guys and gals, you weren't elected to pitch hissy fits and hit the mattresses. You're being paid to debate and vote, even on things which require a change of your dainty linen. This point may not be lost on your constituents on a Tuesday about eight months from now."


My primary reaction, however, is an uncontrollable giggle. Life in the political monkey house, etc.


DirtCrashr said...

"I say Rupert those look scary, run-run!"
"By Jove Fauntleroy, this hiding place is snug and cozy!"

Jim said...

Can you imagine what fun it would be to have shall-issue and stand-your-ground legislation introduced in the The Mother of Parliaments? Cyril and Rubert and Fauntleroy would engage in a group swoon. Albion's supply of smelling salts would be depleted.