Feb 23, 2012

Don't mess with old people

Somehow I doubt Jay Leone of Marin County, California, is about to get a nice congratulatory card from his Senator Boxer.

Mr. Leone is 90, seems fit , and is without doubt feisty. A burglar got in and shot him in the head.

Now, there are a lot of  possible reactions to that sort of affront, including trying to call 911 before you die. But Mr. Leone's was, "F---- you, you son of a bitch. Now it's my turn." Whereupon he got his SW .38 snubby and emptied it, hitting one Samuel Joseph Cutrufelli thrice in the stomach.

Burglar Sam is one of those rare Californians without a highly developed social conscience. If he had one he would have  reclined and quietly bled to death, dreaming his last dreams of aromatherapy and unleaded condors.

He survived to become an expensive public charge, accused of attempted murder and other sins.

So far no one has proposed indicting Mr. Leone for anything.  


I recommend reading the story for its funny scatalogical deails and the grace with which reporter Gary Klien tells the tale of Mr. Leone's testimony.

H/T Nephew Mike

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