Feb 18, 2012

Half-staffing Whitney Houston

The teevee stations are getting entirely too much free programming fodder out of this one.

Whitney Houston was an entertainer, wildly popular among one set of Americans, and if her fans want to fly their flags at half-mast, more power to them. Those objecting to so-honoring a gifted junkie are free to two-block Old Glory this morning -- as are the folks who don't give a damn one way or another.

I think most of us were weary of the half-ass half-staff posturing slugs after about the third heated exchange on Fox or MSNBC, depending on where we go for our daily dose of idiocy.

I'll start listening again if someone will direct me to a good argument for allowing a successful politician -- say Christie or Obama, just for instance --  to decide which deaths are to be extraordinarily and officially mourned and which are routine, bury and forget.

Meanwhile I stick with a belief that we hire these clowns to administer their departments in a business-like fashion. Period. We're pretty much able to find our own source of grief counselling, symbolic gestures advice, etc. all by ourselves.


Tam said...

It has been suggested that Governor Christie pass a state law forbidding Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen from travelling in the same aircraft, because if that plane crashed, the social fabric of the Garden State could be stretched beyond the breaking point.

Jim said...

Some years ago a wild rumor had Bon Jovi moving in to a mansion about two miles up the lake. I was not distraught when it failed to happen.