Feb 28, 2012

How not to use a gun

Taking the report at face value, we have a good little lesson for people just beginning to study the use of firearms for self-defense.

When you stand at your third-story window, high above the belligerent nincompoop yelling and stomping your car,  you are probably well short of the standard that justifies shooting.  This is one of the cases where calling the cops seems more reasonable. You can always keep the 10-22 handy in case the idiot follows through on his threat to kick in your door.

The accused claims he shot to scare, usually  a bad idea, and didn't mean to hit the  deceased in the chest. So maybe it's also an opportunity to sketch for your student  the path of a bullet flying at much of an angle from line of sight horizontal.  "She's gonna throw high, Bro."

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