Feb 2, 2012

A merry stop to the Terry stop

The hits just keep on comin'.

A vigilent cop stood tall in defending the safety of Council Bluffs citizens with a righteous but, he figured, dangerous bust of a guy riding his unlighted bicylcle after dark.

Officer safety being paramount, he patted the Lance down because "it was dark and people in the neighborhood were known to have weapons."  Yep, a smidgeon of reefer and a ride to jail in defense of law-abiding  citizens everywhere.

The Iowa Court of Appeals told Officer Friendly he was full of it and vacated the pot-possession conviction.

It's almost like the Fourth Amendment followed us home for cuddling and warm milk.


Anonymous said...

I feel so protected. Last week, on of Houston's finest lit up a driver because his front wheels encroached on the white line at a stop sign. He chased the guy two blocks to his home, called for backup, and proceeded to beat the crap out of the perp, who had exited his car with his hands raised. His hulking wife, all 5'1". 80 pounds of her, came out of the house so see what' up. She started filming the incident with he cellphone, so a cop took it away from her, threw her to the ground, smashed her phone and took the icard. To be continuted. JAGSC

Jim said...

Please don't forget to follow up on the TBC.

On the face of it, this guy sounds like a psycho who shouldn't be permited a sling shot, let alone a gun and a badge.