Feb 15, 2012

Speaking of P.O. Ackley

Following Parker O.s  work was just plain fun. Still is, for that matter.

He was king of the wildcat game in that inventive era after World War Two when American men (mostly) weren't afraid to dirty up their hands,  learn to read  micrometers and ballistics charts, and explain to their neighborhood machinist just what they wanted in their custom chambering reamers.

This was before the time of televison, so of course the guys couldn't just watch Sons  of Guns to learn all about which guns to buy and Top Shot to learn how to use them.

The aforementioned .22/.30-30 Ackley Improved was one of his creations, and I suspect even a space age  M4gery-style gear queer  might think it pretty sexy to loose  a 50 grainer at 3980  from a handy little Savage 99

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