Feb 5, 2012

Sunday Morning Catch-All; Gun Show Loophole Editon

What a fine little show over in Estherville. Discerning buyers from miles around swamped my table and left happy with pounds and pounds of shooty (and otherwise outdoor-jockish) stuff which a partner and I were just plain tired of looking at. Why, I had to get up early this morning  to count the money Federal Reserve Cartoons.

If today goes as well I'll treat myself to something lethal enough to send the Bloomberg Bleating Society scurrying to the sanctuary of the nearest fern bar.


Speaking of the Super Bowl, have you seen that Mayor Bloomberg is sponsoring a SB commercial demanding more common-sense gun control? I presume it includes a bleat for ending the mysterious gun show loophole. He probably heard that I reverse loopholed a Bubba-ed, trashed-out Winchester 37 and knows that it can be modified and sniper-scoped to bring down a Cessna 150 at nearly 50 yards. Too bad I'll miss the ad. My Super Bowl plan is to check the internet tomorrow morning to see who played, and, if my interest doesn't wane, who won. Just in case the subject happens to come up in conversation. Wouldn't want to sound ignorant.


Politics: The anti-authoritarian idea is doing reasonably well in Nevada, considering Ron Paul is running against the Mormon Church, or, rather, the Mormon Church is running against him.

I wonder if he's trotted out that bit of recent history showing that the Government of the United States is the only outfit in the history of the world to lose money on a place peddling whiskey and whores?


Thank you for your kind attention. See you after the loophole closes this evening.

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