Feb 15, 2012

Way too Early Squirrley

Woke up about 3:30. Followed usual pre-dawn routine anyway. Scan the AP and Reuters reports. Pour a cup of coffee.  Plug in teevee just in time to catch the intro to "Way too Early."

Barnicle (subbing for Annoyingly Smiley Kid Willie) all excited about the seas off Iran where Dinner Jacket's patrol boat passes close to U.S. war ship. Worries about accidental war. Teases that MSNBC will report later from the "deck of one of the battle ships" there in the gulf.

Battle ship turns out to be either a carrier or a tin can. Too bad. For a brief moment I thought maybe we had recommissioned the Iowa. No such luck, just teevee doing what it does best -- phucking up phacts

I know. Battle ships are so 1940s, and they cost like Hell. So what?  Romance is worth something. Like Amos (Andy?) said, "It's just the  yo ho ho of the thing." The price of admiralty. Great White Fleet.  Murder's Row. All that.


About "accidental"  war as a result of opposing ships playing chicken. I urge one and all to refamiliarize him-or-herself with that accidental Gulf of Tonkin deal. It's pretty disheartening.

But at least we can be thankful that we don't have an LBJ top-kicking our armed forces any more. We're blessed in this era with a commander-in-chief far too moral to consider that a spot of election-year war might divert voter attention from  --ohhh, I dunno -- Solyndra, the flat national wallet,  record number of folks on food stamps, his flip-flop on super PACs and subsidized contraception.  Stuff like that.

Thank you for your kind attention. I am returning to my bed. Foetally. Thumb in mouth. Whimpering.

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