Mar 8, 2012

Texas Good Guys

Why don't  y'all turn your head toward Klleen, Texas, down there by the gate to Fort Hood in the flat middle of Lone Star? Flip a little salute toward the local junk yard, CenTex Scrap and Metal.

The owner has decided on  an act of public service. He'll pay for the CCW course for his employees who want a carry permit.


One problem.The teevee  station  doesn't even mention that the CenTex policy  will lead to more crazed cowboys packing heat, ridin' in on Sattiday night, gettin' all boozie,  shootin' up the town, and skeerin' the womenfolk.

Somebody ought to caution KWTX that one more error like that and Mr. Obama' s FCC is probably gonna jerk your license.

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