Mar 2, 2012

Thank You!

Your diligent discharge of unburned hydrocarbons, C02, and methane into the atmosphere is appreciated. Only three days of grungy chill stand between me and an improved lifestyle.  From Monday onward, as far as meteorological eyes can see,  Camp J will bask in mid-40s to mid-50s temperatures, well above normal. It means blogging a little less and doing actual things a little more.

Start the annual yard cleanup. Clean the vehicles. Build the new compressed air distribution system (q.v. - next post)  Catch a crappie or two.  Et a helluva lot al.

'course, there's no suggestion yet that the sublime no-socks season will arrive earlier than the usual June time frame. I wish it would, of course, and if you care to help you could certainly run your SUV around  the block a few extra times.

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