Apr 14, 2012


Once upon a time an anal SCUBA diver criticized my diving flag because it was out of proportion. "To be official it has to be five by four by one."  Five  units wide, four high, one as the white-stripe dimension. I thanked him profusely, of course,  though I somehow forgot to ask my wife (RIP) to resew it. Despite the omission I used it for many more years and somehow escaped being hamburgerized by an Evinrude. Just lucky, I guess.

I suppose this ancient memory comes because of a morning mood which demands that I do something frivolous. So I think  I'll paint an anarcho-capitalist flag on the west end of the big propane tank. I know I have plenty of black rattle-can paint, and if there happens to be a can of yellow, it'll be a done deal shortly after the dew dries.

Unfortunately I don't know the official proportionals of the AnCap banner, so I'll welcome advice from anyone who does. In fact I solicit it. How could any friend of real liberty live with the notion that his flag fails to meet the legal standard?


Tam said...

"Unfortunately I don't know the official proportionals of the AnCap banner..."

Well played, sir. :)

TotC said...

Someone should form a committee

Robb Allen said...

Seriously? You're going to go with CMYK Value of 1, 19, 100, and 0%?

A true an cap would use 4,19,98,0.

Only Ron Paul can use 100% Yellow.

Kristopher said...

AnCaps don't use flags unless paid to, and if their non-state HOA allows it.

Jim said...

Thank you Tam. While it won't jolt your sitemeter in anything approaching the same degree, I just finished a linky little piece keyed to your latest.

Robb: You lost me after the CYMK. :) And I've always meant to ask you if you happen to be kin to Bob Allen, the trap shooter who founded 10-X shooting apparel.

Jim said...

The results of the impulse are one post up, and thank you, but I already know the rest of the tank needs painting. :)

Robb Allen said...

Jim, I wish. Then I'd finally have that rich uncle I've always wanted to die on me.

Critter said...

We act as an executive officer for each week, but, the decisions of that officer have to be ratified at a by-weekly meeting by the entire assembly.

Grayson said...

My Dear Mr. McGee:

The dimensions of the AnCap Flag are as follows:

Whatever you personally deem to be appropriate, so long as it is not harmful to others.

It's called freedom, young man! So go and enjoy exercising it!

As a guideline I personally go with, "whatever works."

Anonymous said...

I suppose the capitalist color is yellow. Apparently, they think Marx was joking when he said "when we hang the last capitalist it will be with a rope he sold us." These days the Marxists don't even have to buy the rope.