Apr 15, 2012

Tam strikes again

Pocketa, Pocketa, Pocketa, Mr. Mitty.

It's just you and a couple of girls heroically engaging the 82nd Airborne and at least one MEU, the ladies with their right-way Smiths and wrong-way Colts, you with whatever banger that most tickles your tactical gonads.

After many adventures you are victorious. America is restored to liberty and prosperity, and the Fred Waring Singers warble Over the Rainbow as the females vie for your heroic affections.

The reality might vary a smidgen from that.

What disturbs me is how many of the "I bought a Century Arms AK and a case of ammo; let's get iton!" crowd talk like they're looking forward to this because, I don't know, it means no more mortgage payments, or they won't have to go in to work on 

It is one thing to expect an Obama or Romney or successor to fiddle away America's last burning days. It is something else to hope for it, even with oodles of charged magazines, a basement full of canned tuna,  and 50 MREs in the bugout bag.

The odds do not favor our run-of-the-mill Armageddon Arnie as the alpha warlord in a real world of total collapse, his daydreams to the contrary notwithstanding. I suspect about the best he could hope for is being the sergeant in charge of burning the civilian corpses.  (Put the little kids in this pile, Corporal. Stack the rest over along the creek. Send a detail for kerosene. And detail a private bring me my gas mask.) 

It could come to that, and to ignore the possibility is foolish.  Preparation -- the equipment and supplies and attitudes to preserve the people you love -- is not foolish. But that is plan B or C or Z.

Plan A is to keep scrabbling, even if it means continuing to vote. To keep talking, even if it means discourse with statist idiots. We might even win. Meanwhile we can always side with that old poseur Winston Churchill. During the leadup to the Suez crisis he was chided for not being sufficiently belligerent and replied:

"To jaw-jaw is better than to war-war."


Peter said...

I don't think anyone is giddy about a war between the government and the citizens or between the races.

I will say that if this must come, let it come while I can still shoot instead of leaving the job for my grandchildren.

Jinglebob said...

People who think revolution would be good should go watch the old Series, The Civil War. It was horrendous...

Anonymous said...

Having talked to a lot of folks about this subject in the last six months, I think Tam is mis-interpreting some of the commentary.

People now realize, with increasing certainty, that it is too late to save our republic by voting. The two choices for POTUS in this year's election have barely any differences between them. To quote South Park, "you can vote for the Giant Douche, or the Turd Sandwich."

While we're witnessing the end of the republic, most people also know that it is still too early to start shooting the bastards. There is no more "jaw-jaw" here. We have reached the tipping point of democracies foretold by people like de Tocqueville. People have realized (in great numbers) that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury. They've also voted in a clown who is shameless in how he gives away money to "his people."

So the eagerness with which some people respond in some situations isn't so much an eagerness to re-enact Gettysburg as it is "OK, this is inevitable, the wait is killing me..."

Jim said...

>>... I think Tam is mis-interpreting some of the commentary...<<.

Could be. It also could be that she's reading things which you aren't. The community of libertarians, ancaps, and gun people, like all associations, holds some serious sickos and dolts.

I don't mean you.I found nothing violently nutty in your comment and agree with a good bit of it.

It's just that I like to do what I can to mute any popular view that anti-athoritarians are, in general, looking for an excuse to start shooting.