Apr 10, 2012

Thirty More Seconds Over Tokyo

Navy pilots in the age of Mach-Incredible to train on B-25s, Billy Mitchells.

And raising the old USS Hornet should not be beyond our 21st Century technological skills.

In a just world this would be a component of the US/Japanese dialog about the balance-of-payments situation.  It may do little,  but it can't hurt.


And if anyone dares call this wasteful government spending, I will hurt him with my petty officer cutlass.


(h/t to my man in the military-industrial complex.)


DirtCrashr said...

"flight characteristics different from those found in contemporary aircraft." No kidding!! I've been up in one, it was about the loudest (and shakiest) thirty minutes of my life even wearing shooting ear-pro. Those things are like hot-rod flivvers, Model-T's with Indy-Car motors (circa 1967). But boy do they ZOOM!

Jim said...

Now that's an experience I've missed, dammit. The closest I probably came was in an R4D driven by an LTJG who seem like pretending the Gooney was a Corsair. Bowel loosening, but a looong way from a Mitchell.

If the CAF ever brings it around here again, I am going to pop for a B-29 ride.