May 21, 2012

With apologies to Lawdog

On the one paw, don't we pay police officers in part for adequate marksmanship?

Officers ______ and ______  responded to the 1300 block of College Avenue on a report of shots being fired. _________said he approached the scene with his weapon drawn and saw the dog running at full speed toward him and _______. He said he shot three times with his handgun, and the dog ran away. It was not hit.

On the other paw, a dog charging head on doesn't present much center mass, so maybe we should give Officer Friendly a pass.

On the third paw, don't we pay journalists for a certain completeness in their reports?  There not a syllable of explanation of the "shots being fired" call which led to the Fido confrontation.

That leaves me with one paw to spare. Put 'er there, Pawdner. 

1 comment:

Joel said...

I often shed a bitter tear over the certain death or mutilation mail carriers and meter readers face on entering a yard with a dog in it, and no license to kill. It's just so unfair. They should be allowed to shoot family pets on sight, too.