May 22, 2012

The Zuckerberg Divorce

Poor Mark. Poor Priscilla. If things are still going well, they haven't taken in the "Do Not Disturb" knob hanger. Their sole contact with the outside world is room service.  They wouldn't even know that The New York Times is choreographing their divorce in a Who Gets What  piece.

It is unseemly, of course, but it' not hard to understand. Who can figure out why the facebook IPO flopped in its first two days and is looking worse this morning? I mean, who even wants to get his brain all discombobulated with numbers about how much the company might earn and when in comparison with other investment possibilities -- among a lot else, most of it having to do with numbers? Math is boring, and hard! 

Skylarking around about possibilities for their divorce settlement makes fewer neuron demands, and is quite a little sexier to boot.  It isn't many more steps to speculation about Mark's first trophy wife, to be acquired when cute Priscella develops her first wrinkle.

Oh well, that's how we sell newspapers, and I don't particularly mind even though I would have expected the Good Gray Lady to hold off a bit, at least until the happy couple puts its pants back on, leaving the early titillation to Fox News,  The Ed Show, and TMZ.

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