Jun 14, 2012

Adventures in shopping

It's a 20-mile round trip to the big city, population about 4,200.

I go there as seldom as possible, about once a month,  when New Dog Libby's supply of Purina Dog Chow in an Old Roy bag gets low. While I'm at it, I do my "big" grocery shopping, a little at WalMart, most of it at a medium-box store.

It's never a particularly happy day. Virtually every trip to consumerville  reveals at least one jaw-dropper. This time, at Wally's, I discovered that it is perfectly possible to buy a jug of  "Sugar-Free Imitation Honey."

A man could buy that and still be permitted to vote, and if that doesn't explain the Decline of the West better than Spengler,  I'll kiss your arse at high noon in a field of clover and give you an hour to buzz up a film crew.

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