Jun 20, 2012

The Druid within

The hex continues. An overcast sky again thwarts the plan to lay out a  summer solstice sunrise vector on the grounds of Camp J. It would cross the winter line scribed and marked with stones several years ago.

Yeah, I know I could just look it up in the astronomical almanac and plot it with a compass, but that violates the spirit of the thing. The ancient Celtic priests would be displeased.

Oh well, maybe next year.

Which reminds me of a confusing point in the Druidic liturgy. Everything I read directs me to get woaded up and dance naked around an oak tree or stele (something phallic, anyway)  on the first day of winter.

But I can't find a similar ritual ordained for the summer solstice when a devout pagan would stand a lesser chance of his  personal stele freezing, turning black, and falling off.

Maybe that's why there aren't many Druids anymore.

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