Jul 25, 2012

Attention, whores:

The Lookout (Yahoo! "News") pleads:

Please send a photograph of yourself in front of your home holding a sign with: how much your home was worth when you bought it its current value. Let us know where you live, when you purchased your home, the number of members in your household and how your mortgage has affected your life. What decisions have you made as a result of your purchasing and paying for your home?

I'll pass, Yahoo, but I doubt it will make a noticeable dent in your response rate.  There's no shortage of people who think the whine is an excellent  coping mechanism.  

 Besides, if you want another tear-jerker series, you can come around and take your own gawddam pictures. 

1 comment:

NotClauswitz said...

Can't they just go to Zillow.com??
Maybe this is a *Google-thing* from their new ex-Google CEO and gMail gEnius Marisa Meyer? Mayhbe they're going to torpedo Zillow.com
We decided to buy something that in this volatile job-market and housing bubble, wouldn't be a strangle-hold. Since we bought affordability and didn't try to impress anybody, we could hold on while the equity has grown a lot.