Jul 11, 2012

F**king deafie?

A deaf man says he was clearing  airport security at Louisville when TSA agents (1) robbed him of his candy (2) laughed at him for being deaf and (3) called him a "fucking deafie." He reported it on his blog, then, according to Reason magazine, got to thinking about the TSA's well-known lust for revenge on anyone who questions the way it executes its holy mission and took the post down.

I will suffer all the Godwin jeers anyone cares to hurl in order to pose a question.

In 1938 or so a German Brown Shirt got quite a bang out of taunting Jewish humans as "fucking Juden." In 2012 American TSA agents get off by ridiculing deaf humans as "fucking deafies."   What distinguishes the  the American from the Nazi?

Reserving the right to edit my views if I'm wrong in taking the report at face value, I hereby withdraw a semi-apology I once wrote for endorsing those who think Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave, justifiably screaming, "What's taking you so long?"


DanH said...

Well, the Nazi was ridiculing someone for their ancestry, while the American was ridiculing someone for being handicapped. I'd say that actually makes the American MORE despicable.

Lisa said...

Our lust for "safety" and our belief that they do it all for our own good -- it's come to this.