Jul 28, 2012

So much for American exeptionalism

In London, Yi Siling of China shoots her way to The Gold, ahead of silver and bronze winners from Poland and somewhere else in China.

American daughters of Dan'l Boone and Sgt. York failed to place in the 10-meter (about 33 feet in real  money) shoot.  A shaken Pentagon has declined comment.

A word about the weapons.

Looks just like my Daisy Red  Ryder would if I  hired the staff of Tiger Balm Gardens to customize it.


Laughingdog said...

30 meters is about 33 yards, or about 98 feet.


Jim said...

Gack. It was the 10-meter range. Fixed. And thank you.

Firehand said...

Few years back a local writer here in OKC wrote a piece about the then-current Olympics shooting competition, and the US getting beaten by a Finn. Made some comment about "How could we be outdone with guns by some wussy FINN?"
My response was "Just go ask them directly. And please put it exactly that way."