Jul 16, 2012

They're coming to take me away, ha ha

I do not hate crazy people. If I did I'd lose half my friends including, possibly enough, myself.

In fact, if you ask me, the trouble with American politics is that we have too few crazy people. Worse, the loonies we have aren't crazy enough.

Rand Paul, for example.  He'd rather be president, of course, but he thinks that, at best, he might have to settle for No.2. This accounts for the semi-libertarian lip prints all over the Romney carcass.  At least he'd get to live in the Naval Observatory and look through the cool telescopes when ever he wanted. Besides, there would always be Chief Quartermaster to tell him to the split second what time it is, meaning he could swap his Rolex for a semi load of Brylcream, effecting a personal economy.  All this is only a little bit nuts. In fact it is quite common across the governing class -- from Obama's outright statists to neoconniest thugs of the Republican "right."

That's why I am supporting Randi, our newest United States senator. And no, it isn't just because she's an attractive woman. It's because I admire spunk, and appointing yourself senator in a wacky American alter-government seems spunky to me. It's also because The Republic  of the united States of America occupies ground in that delightful no-man's land where genuine genius mates with stupendous delusion.

These guys are mostly libertarian/ancaps writ large, albeit with a discouraging quotient of Pat Robertson prating. They claim to believe what most of us believe. Pro-gun. Free markets. A little more federalism,, etc.

However, the political philosophical underpinning seems  to be a notion that American government(s) were legal up to about 1870 when somebody or something else took over. As nearly as a guy can tell from their site, they served some legal papers on Obama or Holder or one of those guys and thereby became our de jure government .

These guys really like to stick "de jure" into their prose at every possible opportunity. I approve. "De jure" sounds rillyrilly intellectual. I mean it's Latin, and you can't get more intellectual than that. In fact, the news about Randi reminds me I've been meaning to practice my own Latin more religiously.

So postus endus cuz it's time to turn on airem conditionem. Hottern Hellica here, and that's de facto.



Anonymous said...

You forgot the 'Jacko' after the de facto.
Jus' sayin'

Jinglebob said...

Well, I for one am all about this new deal, where as the last new deal effectively seemed to screw us all, and hey!.... They couldn't be worse than the morons in Washington we have running things now, could they? :-)

Jim said...

Yes. You caught me gaffing, Laughing. :)

You have a point, J'bob. And it reminds me to fix a flaw in the post. I meant to note that Rand's dad, Ron, sometimes seems a little crazy himself, and to recall a Tam comment to the effect that things have come to a pretty pass when the only guys making sense seem to be straddling the loopy line.