Aug 20, 2012

Gearing up

I've never even handled a Commie rifle. While there are tragedies in my life, this is not one of them. The freer markets of the world have produced all the firearms a guy could ever need or even want. On the other hand, Dunham's Sports down Spencer way is overstocked on 91/30s and peddling them at $99.99 (a $30 savings!)

What an ugly rifle. Only the Brits (for sure) and the French (possibly )could have offended the eye so grotesquely. Still, it seemed to do its work adequately for all ranks and brilliantly in correct hands like those of White Death Simo  (who used a variant). It's hard to argue with the one-man-and-a-rifle combination which dispatched invading Communists at the rate of 5.05 per day that cold winter when the main contestants (Nazis vs. Brits and Frogs) mostly contented themselves by making  ominous honking noises at one another.

I have only a reading knowledge of the 7.62/54R, but I'm prepared to accept that it works like a .308 Winchester or, with finiken loadings, the .30-06. The accuracy reports are all over the place, and I suspect getting a natural tack driver involves a bit of luck.

So, if I can bestir myself to make the trip, I'll look down bores,  rattle actions, and try to get the Lady on my side. Then I would have to look hard at the possibilities of stripping away the ugly; a better stock for sure, and maybe it's possible to grind off that  magazine box to create an elegant single. Find proper cover, then go to work. One shot, one zombie, executed with great style.


This is a mere velliety.  and the odds of adding Boris to my stock of atavistic bolt actions are less than 50-50. They would be lower yet except that there is a Goodwill store right close to Dunham's, and with the next equinox just a month away, it's time to round out my fall fashion ensemble.


SpeakerTweaker said...

One shot, one zombie, executed with great *style.

*muzzle flash

Certainly, you meant muzzle flash. I'm sure of it. ;)

Seriously, if you do find yourself in possession of the Great Russian Tomato Stake, do yourself the courtesy of firing the thing at night; if for no other reason that to confuse the hell out of any nearby nocturnal creatures, who will surely return to their respective beds.

Pakkinpoppa said...

I remember when you could find them for 40 bucks...sometimes with ammo to boot...back when the dollar was stronger that is. Lots of commie guns were cheaper back then.

Tam said...

A Mosin is one of those things one should have, just because.

I have several. Of course, three of mine are Finns: A Remington, a Tikka, and a Sako. Fine, fine rifles, from a nation of riflemen.

Jim said...

I like making night flashes with firearms, Tweaker, so that's a plus for the Moisan decision.

Poppa, I remember those $40 rifles and first saw them in quantity just up the road from Tam. In Valparaiso there was, maybe still is, one of the great surviving war surplus stores. Acres of good stuff including Moisins all over the place, still in crates at, as you say, about $40-per, cheaper in quantity.

You're persuading me, Tam, that's I need at least two. One to preserve, the other to butcher into some sort of Bubba elegance. :)

Jim said...
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