Aug 3, 2012

MSNBC tells the truth, sort of

Mika has been absent. So has Joe. They're probably in London advising Her Majesty and the Lord Mayor on event security and offering helpful hints on foreign and economic policy. But I don't know for sure.

Meanwhile, "Morning Joe" continues with the JV. Which led to something that had me nodding in approval a half-hour ago. Some of the early rising chatterers almost agreed that it doesn't make a whole Hell of a lot of difference* which statist we send to the White House in November. Because. like, we have a "structural problem" due to too few people working and too many scrambling for free tit. (No kidding? Well I will be damned. Why didn't I think of that?)

Then Chuck Schumer came on and ruined it by explaining that it's all the Tea Party's fault for retiring Richard Lugar.


*Usual weasel-out about Supreme Court appointments and the importance of down-ticket  races.

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