Aug 16, 2012

Partly cloudy with a chance of Armageddon

It's understandable that the National Weather Service could desire a ready stock of .40 SW hollow points.  It's to protect forecast flunkies from irate citizens who have had it right up to here with their lies.  Like me last evening.

The local forecast gave me only the slimmest chance of living to see the sun rise. The least I could expect ahead of the cold front was a flurry of wind-born Peterbilts and a flood making the living room attractive to large fish. There was even the possibility of "tornadic activity."

Naturally I took the precaution of laying in dry firewood, doublechecking the supply of rice, beans, and candles. Then I rearranged the vehicles. The more dependable truck with its uninsured Texsun camper was moved to a a treeless area,  as was a guest's Outback. (I parked the aging but well-insured minivan under the largest dead branch on the place. Just in hopes, y'know.)

NWS zero-hour approached.  Nothing ominous apparent to the naked eye. Check the radar. Zilch, save for a ground return of the kind you expect when the transceiver is overtuned during a period of rapidly evaporating dew. The accompanying NWS text said errrr on second thought the storms would not be severe. In fact they tuned out not to be storms at all. Not a drop of water. Not a hail stone. The fallen leaves weren't even rearranged. Made me want to shoot the b*****ds for scaring me and putting me to all the unnecessary work. As a fair-minded man, however, I would recognize right of the false prophets to shoot back, and that's why I didn't get all wookie upon learning of the NWS ammo purchase.


Of course, it turned out to be a mistake, if you can believe mommie.guv. The hollow-point .40s were really for NOAA fish and game cops. (WTF?).

Still, you might want to check the cite above for some perspective on who in your government is stockpiling man-killer ammunition by the millions. Not that the perspective is necessarily the product of serious minds. As in:

"The DHS is also planning to purchase a further 750 million rounds of different types of ammo in a separate solicitation that also expires on August 20, including 357 mag rounds that are able to penetrate walls. "

To folks of a certain age  this will bring a nostalgic smile. We remember when it was gospel that a .357 would penetrate an engine block and retain enough power to take out three or four public enemies (usually Italians in Chicago) if you lined them up.

Still, the 750 million DHS rounds, plus another 350 million of those ubiquitous .40 hollow points ("illegal for warfare since 1899")  in the hands of a domestic non-military agency makes a fellow wonder. Doesn't that amount to about three rounds for every man, woman, and child in the United States?  Not even counting ammo for the regular cops and the federal Department of Education's Remington 870 riot guns.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out just who the enemy is.


Stretch said...

The enemy is anybody who's going to get you killed, no matter which side he's on. - Joseph Heller in Catch 22

Anonymous said...

Here's to hoping all these ammo purchases by the Fed will eventually lead to another Golden Age of surplus sales.