Aug 30, 2012

Serendipity in .30-06

So whaddya do when you've had three magazines for a Remington 760 in .30-06 rattling around in the miscellaneous box for years? You haven't been able to locate a buyer of sufficient taste and discernment to own a 760 (or anything else in that action family) in a proper caliber. Or at least you can't find one anxious to acquire your mags at anything near a fair price.

You despair, of course. Unless you're of my cheerily optimistic persuasion. Then you wait for a fine1963 production model to pay an unexpected visit to your quarters. And wait. And wait. Years.

But eventually it happens, at least to those of us who lead clean lives, devoid of impure thoughts.

T' hee. I'm looking at it now. At a very fair price it is mine. MINE! Including the vintage Redfield 3x9 on that tank-like Redfield mount. And with enough clips* to handle 21 rampaging terrorists before having to fumble individually with any of these noble rounds.

(Pictures possible if and when I find the three-volt Cockroach by Canon.)

Among the beauties of the Second Amendment is this: Here in the Land of the Free, it is not forbidden to buy a rifle primarily because you already own a magazine or so for it. Bless the Founders.

Funny, it didn't start out to be a particularly good day.


*Oh hush. I'm just trying to temper tautology.


JohnW said...

Well,pardner, if you squint REAL HARD you might find someone you know who has a Remington pump in .270 that those would fit, if your deal happens to fall through...

Jim said...

You had your chance, Pardner.

And from you I'd have accepted any offer at all, like a Wiley Coyote poster or a little dead cholla chunk. He who hesitates is lost . (Added one since that hot July post two years ago.)

NotClauswitz said...

Pictures! I saw one at the local shop, but it was a .270 not a 30-06.

Chris said...

I only had to wait a year to get a Beretta 951 to go with the magazine I bought that was supposed to fit that POS Helwan I have.

No discount for having the magazine though.

Anonymous said...

ROFL, The week I retired I ordered a M1A, because I had the two M-14 Magazines I couldn't find when I was checking out of the USMC in 1971 (and had to pay for $3.50 Ea I think).

Jim said...

I wish I could one-up you, Anon. I own exactly one box of .308 and just haven't thought of using it as an excuse to buy an M14. Thanks for the idea. :)

There are a couple of Helwans in my group, Chris, though I don't own one. Ten or 15 years ago they were being offered at something like $90.

POS is right, but one buddy worked his over (and worked and worked). It's now a pretty reliable POS, though still ugly, of course.