Aug 24, 2012

You mean "pull the pin?"

I'm not going to post the site, just the headline covering a Wall Street Journal video.

"Fed Could Pull the Trigger to Save Economy Wednesday."

There isn't enough Prozac to make me feel better about that. It means the Fed will admit  to upping it order for green ink and paper.

I'll post this one, though. Stock traders made long bets this afternoon when Ben told some congresscritters he "has the tools" to masturbate stimulate the banks, meaning he's probably getting ready to use them.

It gets a little worse when Bernanke and the  Gnomes of Everywhere get together again  in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Eurognome is Mario Draghi  who bosses the European Central Bank. Mario wants to chat with Ben about:

...yield-band targets under a new bond-buying program to let it shield its strategy and avoid speculators trying to cash in, central bank sources told Reuters on Friday. 

And that means keeping interest rate plans secret from everyone except guys like Bank America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc. They'll probably also let your legislators in on the gag, too. Just not guys like you and me -- y'know, speculators trying earn an obscene two or three per cent on their savings.

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John said...

Remember: When you pull the pin, Mr. Economy is not our friend.