Sep 3, 2012

I'll have the baby back ribs to start

Then a bacon cheesburger with center-cut prime rib on the side.  For dessert bring me a large bratwurst with chili sauce.

The halls of academia say turning vegetarian is not all that healthy.  Amazing.

"I was absolutely surprised," said Dr. Dena Bravata, a senior research affiliate at Stanford and long-time internist who began the analysis because so many of her patients asked if they should switch.

I'll bet the 99 per cent of us weren't very surprised.  We've long suspected that letting a quadruped begin the process of converting alfalfa to protein is the most efficient way to go.

...and a Beefeater martini while we're wating please.


John said...

"The halls of academia say turning vegetarian is all that healthy."

Are you missing a 'not' in that sentence?

armedlaughing said...

I think what was examined was the so-called 'organic' food, versus 'mass-farm-produced' food.
It didn't suggest eating a leaner, lower-fat, less sugary diet was ad or equal to the opposite, just that 'organic' wasn't necessarily better.
Having said that, I'll join you for the bratwurst, bacon cheeseburger fest!