Feb 15, 2013

More media gun grind

One of my MSM moles is a hunter who owns a few fine shotguns and a couple of semi-auto pistols. However, he would be the first to disclaim any expert knowledge of firearms technology, nomenclature,  and law.

The trouble is, he's one of those retro types who believes that  words appearing in  media reports ought to be within at least a long pistol shot of truth. So when the news involves guns, he is quite willing to ask questions before typing. He is also developing a good eye for even the smaller inanities and is nice enough to pass them on to me for my amusement. Such as:

…From (an AP)  story today on a shooting in R---------.

"Detectives combed a six-block area for spent gun casings and……. ."

I would think a "gun casing" would be big and pretty easy to find.


Me too, and since he has set out to improve the accuracy of firearms reporting in his news room, he received this response:

(sigh) While you're educating your colleagues on Elementary Firearms Studies 101 (remedial), maybe this will help them remember:

"Guns sometimes go in cases which are quite rarely spent. So do the bullets and powder which make up ammunition, which is quite often spent.  Sausage goes in casings.  Remember this and your readers won't think you're such a f-----g meathead."

I didn't suggest he print that out and post it on the bulletin board. I should have.

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