Feb 2, 2013

Saturday Wish List

I don't think I'm a compulsive wisher, but sometimes I do get a yen for stuff.

--Like being the first guy at the garage sale to spot the old wood box containing a couple of disassembled GI Colt 1911s and most of an artillery Luger for about five bucks.

--Like having three or four fools linger at my loophole table this weekend -- guys who think that my stratospheric asking prices are really quite fair. And who, of course, are packing enough high-quality trading material to back their judgement. 

-- Like having the damned Super Bowl over. Also the post-game analyses and the extended video of the winner's homie thugs getting drunk, puking, and tipping over cars when the teevee lights go on.


John said...

Where's the loophole this weekend?

Jim said...

Didn't get to comments in time for a useful answer, but it was in Estherville. Nice little show.

There's a big one in Sioux Falls this coming weekend. Up for it? We'll probably go Saturday morning.

John said...

Not likely but never say never...might be warm enough to get the new Harley out and stretch her legs.

Maybe a few miles on the open road will get her to tell me her name.