Mar 25, 2013

Background checks

I cave in on the the subject, but you have to do it intelligently, that is, my way. The official Jim Teamer for President Campaign position on firearms sales will require documentation for all transactions. Each buyer will provide the seller with the following statement:

I certify that I am of legal age, not a felon, and not mentally ill. (Signature)

It is to be printed on business card stock which may contain no other information. Firearms sellers will be encouraged to retain them in a drawer for a little while.


Sam said...

I would add "and a resident of______________." (your state)

Jim said...

I'll give that some thought, Sam, but at first glance It violates one of my principles: "Never arm government functionaries with more information than they can handle."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that ought to do it... so if we are caving on this there ought to be some compromise from the other side, say.... we can own any weapon any official, law enforcement or person in a military unit are allowed to carry... after all, we are letting them know who bought the weapon... seems like a fair deal to me...oh, by the way, always wondered what your last name was... now I can look you up in the phone book... :-)

Jim said...

A pal argues that if the 2nd applies only to the militia, since we are all in the militia we ought to get militia weapons and free practice ammo. M4s, RPGs, Claymores, and so forth.

"Teamer" is sorta made-up, but other than that (Georgia Twang Alert) Ah would nevuh lie to ya." :)

Anonymous said...