Mar 14, 2013

Feinstein stamps her foot

Ted Cruz of Texas asked the author of the bill to ban esthetically displeasing rifles if she would also favor selective bans on the right to free speech,  Amendment I.

"I'm not a sixth-grader," said a visibly upset (Sen. Diane) Feinstein. She described her decades in Congress involved in gun control debates and said, "I'm reasonably well-educated, and thank you for the lecture."

(1) -- Maybe Sen. Ted was just fooled by your imitation of a horrified elementary school kid when you yowled about "shoulder thingies."

(2) -- Your decades-on-the job defense has called up in millions of minds the hoary joke about highly experienced mules.

(3) -- I'll buy your "reasonably well educated" only if you advance the volume on and highly inflect the term "reasonably."  Which brings us full circle -- back to your well-educated opposition to the mortal peril inherent in thingies.


The Judiciary Committee passed the ban. No surprise. It and Sen. Schumer's draconian national gun registration bill (posing as a universal background check) are in the full Senate's in box. Feinstein's bill is close to DOA. Schumer's is iffier. Each would also need to clear the House where gun control opposition is broader and deeper.

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