Apr 16, 2013

If it helps us evaluate the quality of information we're getting from our electric teevee sets about whodunit in Boston, we might consider this:

For a few days, the prosecutor shootings in Kaufman County, Texas, commanded the air waves. Virtually every on-air performer conveyed the notion that our culprit was a cabal of racist, ex-con, anti-government, gun-clinging skinheads.

Upon further review, authorities and the media now suggest that the prime suspect is a fat, middle-age, former government employee with hair, a law degree, and a conviction for stealing government computers.

So no matter who Rachel Maddow decides to blame for the Boston bombs during any given on-camera take, we might want to reserve judgement.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how true. No matter how much I dislike Obama, I must give him credit for what I thought was a right-on appearance shortly after the bombing. His message was short and clear, summed up in three sentences: "We investigatng, so we don't know who's responsible." "We're gonna get you." and "Boston and Mass, you have all of our help and support." I was also impressed that he did not take the bait flung out by the gaggle of "journalists" crowded into the room. JAGSC

Anonymous said...
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