Apr 19, 2013

I'm the NRA and I will Overkumbayah

Is this guy a confused, sloppy writer? Or a master of the droll?

But no one was more adamant about their hatred for the NRA than MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell who last night accused the civil rights group of aiding and abetting the terrorist(s) responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings.

Wayne LaPierre stands tall at the Lincoln Memorial. "I have a dreeeeeem....". A misty image of Charlton Heston slowly descends  behind him. A million snaggle-tooth rednecks wave their AR15s and chant in hypnotic rhythm,

 "What do we want?"

"Thirty Rounds!"

"When do we want it?"



This guy takes a reasonably accurate shot at O'Donnell. I watched a bit of Larry's spit fest. I found new limits to my admiration for him, MSNBC, television "news" in general, and the entire spectrum of far-left opportunists.

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