Apr 22, 2013

When the cops get your guns...

I liked the list best -- 114 citizens' guns which wound up in the hands of the Fremont County sheriff's office. it suggests that folks there used to own a lot of  junk, at least those who came to the professional attention of county cops.

But among the rattletrap Rohms and Ravens lurked a SW Model 28-2,  a couple of potentially valuable Ithaca doubles, and some respectable old Winchester and Remington .22s. Not to mention around  a dozen "sawed-off" shotguns.

The sherf says he bought about $1,000 worth of them himself and  -- with court approval -- traded others to a local FFL for stuff his department could use.

It raises questions, and the state auditor is looking into things. No one else in the state bureaucracy is. The Register lede mentions possible criminal violations, but there's merely innuendo about that in the report.

Still, it is a good reminder that Officer Friendly may have a yen to grab your gun just because he thinks it would look nice hanging over the bar in his rumpus room.

And about those "sawed-offs" -- if they were sawed-off enough and transferred to the dealer without NFA paperwork, maybe we ought to send in a bureaucrat with a tape measure, sort of like the Feds did to Randy Weaver.

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