Jul 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

In a foul mood I might  quibble with Roberta about a little of this and a little of that in her morning take on The Revolution that led to American Independence. Since I'm feeling pretty cheerful, and because it seems to me that she nails 90 per cent, maybe more, of an essence of what we are,  I'll just sneak you a sample and suggest the rest is worth a read.

...no luck runs forever and I'm half-convinced we have already passed the point where future historians will draw a line, saying, "Here the Republic ended; here the Empire began."


I've gotten away from our older Grand Old Fourth celebrations.

In a way I miss the hot court house lawn and the hotter breath of an overly excited official oration. The 1903 Springfield salutes by the VFW were fun, and "America the Beautiful" from the talent-limited Methodist Church choir was not uninspiring.  It was the first patriotism I knew. Some of it stuck, and I still cover my heart when the Flag passes by. And despite decades in the hog-wallow of American misgovernance, I make that salute without the slightest embarrassment.

Because when in the course of human events it becomes apparent that our revolution has been betrayed -- as all revolutions always are -- the core idea remains. The real Stars and Stripes of our nation is the notion of glory in free association among sovereign human beings.

Salute the Three Percenters, Then and Now