Aug 25, 2013

Achtung! Part Two

The Luger was a vast disappointment, ground and polished. Still someone, neither of us, decided it was worth about $800.The others:

P-38 (AC44 code) 9MM-Nazi proofed

Rough wartime product, honest and not badly used. $400.

P-38 BYF/44 Code 9MM Nazi proofed

A  Mauser gun,  a little nicer than the Walther above, $450

DWM LUGER-7.65MM Nazi Commercial  Eagle proofed


Mauser Broomhandle MDL.1896 .7.63 (circa 1931)

Personally urinated upon by Himmler and left out in the weather for several years.. $900.

Mauser Broomhandle MDL..1896 -7.63 (circa 1928) 

Only a little worse than the other one. $600.


Tam said...

One of the few guns I honestly regret selling was a nicely reblued interwar commercial Broomhandle.

It was a lot of fun once I figured out that low-velocity commercial 7.62 Tok ammunition ran fine in it.

Jim said...

I've never owned a Broomhandle. It's mostly the Lugers, P-38s, and Hi-Powers -- bought for about $50 and sold for a $10 profit -- that wake me up in the middle of the night.