Aug 20, 2013

Alert; Old Fart with Gun

Now that's cool and might start a trend . Cap the home-invading bastard and then call 911. "No hurry guys. He's bleeding out on the linoleum.We'll have a snack  for ya' when ya" get here."


Life is fairly  forgiving. You can make some whopping mistakes without becoming dead on a nice old lady's kitchen floor. Rodney Long managed it though.

He was in trouble, of course, for breaking jail, shooting a deputy sheriff, stealing the patrol car, crashing it, and leading Iowa  cops on a merry chase through the woods and fields . Had his misjudgements ended there, he might have survived to metabolize at citizen expense for decades to come.

His deanimating mistake was waking Mr. and Mrs. Mauderly in their rural home last evening and waving his pistol around for a few hours. First reports say  71-winter Jerome did the shooting. Then Carolyn, 66, made the phone call, and, if she plays true to our hospitable form,  some nice cookies for the nice young officers who had been traipsing around the section for about four days.

Today's debate resolution: Resolved: That a private citizen should never take the law into his or her own hands.

I will defend the negative.


(Lots of details still unreported.)


NotClauswitz said...

What's the saying, "Old people/men should be dangerous" - ? In spades.

Jim said...

We have earned our right to actual malice. :)