Nov 4, 2013

Cottonwood boles at 20 paces

Just a place holder here. I'm fully occupied reducing logs to firewood. The splitter works like a dream, even if it looks hardly at all like a product from The Sharper Image.

I'm pleased to have it, but I fear the wood will not burn so brightly. It will lack the seasoning sweat, the hand-splitter vulgarities hurled at knots and school marms, the indefinable charm of nature put to good use without the intervening stink of gas and oil. Still, as I say, it's a good thing to own for a man approaching the years of his maturity.

I'll be back before long, and among the first orders of business I intend to challenge Rand Paul to a duel.


Knucklehead said...

There is a level of satisfaction that is hard to explain when it comes to splitting and stacking firewood. With the advancing years there is also a level of pain, particularly back aches, that comes with splitting wood and is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid.

A friend with who won't burn pine offered me a LOT of pine that needs splitting. I don't much like splitting pine 'cause of those dang knots. You drive through 2/3 of a piece and come up against a knot. But he also offered the use of his splitter which I will gladly accept. I can use pine in the chimenea and haul some to DD for her to use in her firepit.

Jim said...

This is broad-leaf country, so I don't see much pine -- just enough to appreciate what you report. I've given up on splitting the stuff. The last one I had was small enough that I could cut it into ridiculously short lengths and burn the rounds.

Dwight Brown said...

My father was fond of saying, "Cut your own wood and it will warm you twice. Once when you cut it and once when you burn it."

(Cutting wood was one of his favorite things to do in his spare time. As was having his children assist in cutting and splitting wood.)

(He wanted, but never got, a log splitter. The wood splitting was always done with axes, a sledgehammer and splitting wedges, and a maul.)