Dec 19, 2013

Annoying Seasonal Lies

"Every kiss begins with a Kay."

Bullshit. A kiss begins with her sudden realization that he can build serviceable shelves.


Dwight Brown said...

As one of the writers for National Review puts it, "If 'Every Kiss Begins With Kay', then your woman is a whore."

(Apologies for the language, but that is a literal quote.)

Jim said...

There's nothing wrong with your language. Besides, I have certain sympathy for the NR suggestion. Thanks for passng it along.

Roberta X said...

...This explains what's wrong with my love life: I'm a perfectly adequate builder of shelves.

Jim said...

Accepting your premise, that just tells me you haven't met the man who builds better shelves. Maybe that's a wood artist who practices yacht joinery and works only in old-growth mahogany, but if the two of you find one another, whammo!


armedlaughing said...

Or give her what ever she wants at that moment.