Dec 9, 2013

Elsewhere at the gun auction...

I semi-promised a price log, but it just wasn't interesting enough to bother with.  It was a consignment sale  apparently built around  a couple of small dealers who were reducing inventory or getting out of the business. Most of the offerings were junkish old shotguns and ho-hum NIB stuff, heavy on the Glockenpoppers and Fry Points.  In general, these WalMart--ish pieces brought less money than we've come to expect. Several NIB Glockers went for pre-Obama prices --$400-$500.

The Garand, a little better than the average example, brought $1,000. The Rockola carbine brought $750, one bid better than my top; very, very nice but with a Blue Sky import stamp.

Yours truly still spent too damned much money.  Foolishly. Why the heck does he want a Nagent? He has no sentimental ties to Tula. 'cuz it was cheap, that's why, and pretty as a Russian Lady Tractor Driver.

The nice 1953 Savage 99 was a little more defensible. Ever since his buddy in the GMA lucked into one, he' been beside himself with envy. (Fun fact: The .300 Savage round  was built to match original .30-06  military ballistics.)

The other two were junkers, one Stevens Little Krag, complete and  $20  and one non-shooting  Mossberg, bought for the price of the magazine which was needed here for the 152 -- the Mossy .22 with the flip-down fore end to make a kid feel like John Wayne with a Thompson.

(If I don't watch myself I'm going to get seriously and expensively interested in collecting boys' rifle.)

Some other stuff, too, but not worth mentioning except as they affected the total day's tab, the size of which made me grateful for friends who fed me last night.


Brigid said...

It's nice there's still a good assortment out there at most places to be had, new and historical pieces.

Thanks for sharing.

Jim said...

I enjoy the variety, too, reminding me that I keep looking for an excuse to visit your neighborhood for the Indianapolis show.

I occasionally hit one on the Mississippi, a couple of hours from Chicago, and think I notice a diferent taste, less Roy Rogers and more James Cagney. Nice little old Colts and SWs. "Take dat you dirty rat," etc.

Anonymous said...

Heh. I just knew you'd have to have a 99 of your own.

John of the GMA

Jim said...

We could go mulie hunting together. Matching outfits, right down to the cartridges. 'course, you probably like dorkier orange caps than I do...