Jan 22, 2014

Got change for a nickel?

It has occurred to our masters that one coin of the realm still carries intrinsic value, the nickel, of course.

A five-cent piece is still worth almost five cents. At 75 per cent copper and the rest nickel,  it is a slug of highly-desirable metal which is worth something all by itself, no matter what Janet Yellen decrees next month when she takes over from Ben as the official decree-er of value.

Can't have that. Mommiedotguv is trying to figure out a way to debase it without irritating the nickelodeon industry too much.

Some preppers have been tucking away nickels for years, just as other skeptics squirrel away the pre-1982 pennies (the poor man's Krugerrand)  from their pocket change. Any bets on who gets the last laugh?

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