Jan 10, 2014

My Lazarus experience

It isn't fraught with spirituality or human drama. It is downright bestial in fact.

     The polar vortex exhausted my supply of ready firewood behind the burner. A warm and cuddly 30-degree day moved me to replenish from a ragged pile of cottonwood and oak out back, frozen through for  months. The chore almost done, I placed one billet on top of the burner to dry the surface moisture.

      A few minutes later I happened to glance at it, and my wondering eyes spied a happy little black bug. I named him Lazarus. Then I squished him.

      It's too early for bugs in the house.


Rob said...

Just found your blog, the title grabbed me, not many folks I know these days know who Travis McGee is!

Jim said...

Thank you, Rob, and welcome aboard.

I catch a little Hell for not writing enough about Travis lately, and I intend to correct that. :)