Jan 20, 2014

Negroes and guns.

Rational gun people routinely argue that gun control mania is often a tool for   -- and result of -- racial bigotry. Lately we're getting more help from academia.

From a review of  Nicholas Johnson's Negroes and  the Gun: The Black Tradition of Arms:

Race has always been part of the unspoken motive for gun control in the United States. Johnson provides the best, most thorough history of the topic, telling the story mainly from the perspective and voices of blacks themselves. Shattering the myth of black passivity in the face of violent racism, the book is full of inspiring stories of genuine American heroes—some of them famous and many who were not—who used their Second Amendment rights to defend the civil rights of their people. Never shying away from the hardest questions, Johnson addresses the moral and practical complexities of armed self-defense, past and present. A major contribution to cultural studies and to the history of race in America.”

—David B. Kopel, research director, Independence Institute, Denver, Colorado

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