Feb 18, 2014

Jah, but some of them Fokkers is Messerschmidts

Here's a set of dandy  photos that will all but put you in the seat of  1939-1945 war birds.  Click on that Fokker and you can manipulate the picture through 360 degrees or thereabouts.

H/T Alan, via email


Harry Flashman said...

I flew T-28 Trojans in VT-6 many years ago. That's as close to a real warbird as I ever got, other than a ride in a TA-4 at Beeville, thanks to a buddy who went the jet pipeline.

Jim said...

I'd be happy just for a ride in the T28. Strictly black shoe, my airborne service was limited to occasional hops in R4Ds and PBYs. Not counting, of course, low-altitude work in the high-line from one tin can to another.