Feb 13, 2014

The gun salesman of the decade is getting tired

Things are rough at the Cabela's gun counter. About everyone who wanted a Glokkenpopper 'cuz he was afraid of Obama  has bought one, and the gun clerks are finding time to wander over to chat up the pretty girls hustling overpriced Chinese shirts with Cabelas's patches on them.

I doubt you need to disturb your long-term Cabela's (or Ruger or S/W)  position. About the time HIllary starts looking like a shoo-in, the market will recover.

Besides, Cabela's makes most of its money from those Chinese shirts. New Jersey file clerks like to wear them to TGIF's. Impresses the girls there, they tell me.


KurtP said...

Okay... those yuppies can go to Cabelas and get ignored.
I'll go to my usual gun shop and get as good of price without having to pull a# and wait as the clerk goes and talks-up some bimbo.

Jim said...

Every time I spend a dime at Cabela's (not often), I wonder how much of it goes to support that Walt Disney-inspired taxidermy layout.