Mar 31, 2014

Prelude to a loophole report; serious gun question

For astute readers with Sig experience. Or even without:

Should a fellow acquire an as-NIB Sig 11 Carry (in .45 ACP, of course) at a net cost to himself of $671? Even if it requires parting with a very nice Savage 99 for whom his affection keeps growing?

Would it help to add that the Sig comes (a) with three magazines and (b) from a dealer whom the would-be buyer likes, one who has given him more than one good deal over the years? (It does not, however, have a Picaninnnineeheehee Rail, nor a laser pointer, nor, for that matter, even a USB port.)

I'm a little embarrassed to post a personal quandary for all the world to see because I am ordinarily quite capable of making my own decisons about the proper relationships among myself,  my Federal Reserve Cartoons,  and my blue steel.

But, gee, this has become a series of existential moments, and I've never been too good at resolving conflicts via the philosophy of gay French navel gazers.


Anonymous said...

Unless you intend to turn it for a few bucks--No. I once had a P220. It was very well put together, but is was somewhat akin to carrying around a MaDuece. I know the proposed acquisition is smaller, but from the report I read in AR, it still looks clunky and slightly 18th century. The 99 is much more huggable. Just my opinion. JAGSC

Stephen said...

Although this is a very personal decision on your part, I must agree with Anon. The Savage should be held close. Now, having said the Sig worth it - to you.

Stretch said...

I loved my P220.
Would have gladly traded it for a 99.

Anonymous said...

If you get rid of the 99 you have no soul.

John of the GMA

Jim said...

I thnk I'm persuaded. Y'all come on over and we'll have a Savage shoot. :)

Tam said...

I don't know as I could get all that excited over a Ron Cohen 1911.