Dec 19, 2014

The Pocket Pool Caper

I agree with my rulers in the federal trademark office. The brand name ComfyBalls is vulgar.

But in a saner world the federal language police would never be involved. We would all express our  attitudes by buying or refusing to buy pouched panties for vain males because of the name, price, or product merits.

In money, the bureaucratic dance is too small to move the needle on the most sensitive tax-money pissaway meter, but I still wish someone would pop for an audit. I suspect denying the Norwegians their trademark cost something like the price of a small bridge or a few month's of supply for a company of Marines.

Hmmmm. If I decided to build a money meter and called it the "Pissaway," would the feds send me nasty letters and later, if I refused to comply, nasty cops?


Please don't tell me about a "legitimate state interest" in forbidding coarse language and conduct. If you do I'll start yammering about Congressman Weiner and so forth.


I wonder if the Norwegians really designed ComfyBalls to more comfortably house a rolled-up odd sock.

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Anonymous said...

I had to take massive doses of steroids to shrink mine down to a manageable size! ha ha ha stopped by to wish you a Happy Holiday! I have posted my last post for 2014. See you next year! The Mohave Rat and Mrs. Rat.......