Aug 26, 2017

Newspapers from Pig Food

The main trouble with the goddam mass media these days is that cruddy ink they use, made out of soybeans. When you use a page of sooty tofu to polish your windows, it leaves a bunch of goddam smudges.

In my day we knew how to make newspapers with real ink. Useful newspapers. Our readers may have been misinformed, had their intelligence insulted, and been subjected to the you-live-wrong diatribes of the lifestyle writers, but they at least had clean windows.


Unknown said...

Earlier this week, while waiting in the auto repair shop, I glanced at the day's local rag. (It has been years.) EVERY story, EVERY column, EVERY letter to the editor, was a one-sided polemic. If Der Sturmer hadn't already been taken they could change their name and no one would be the wiser. Okay, I didn't get to the home & garden section but I doubt it was any better. I've never been prouder to be an ex-suscriber. And to think I used to gripe about the ink coming off on my fingers...

John of the GMA

Joel said...

But soybeans are, like, SOOOO green and organic. Dude.

Welcome back! :)