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Aug 28, 2013

The Innkeeper's Daughter

(Lest anyone think I snicker at all  the French.)

Inspired by brief channel surfing trying to evade  the 50th rerun of the annual canonization of MLK.

"What Price Glory" flashed by and triggered a memory.

Feb 17, 2011

Cheerio and Adieu

A few months ago I noted the proposed sale of one of our defense outfits to furriners.

It was a complicated deal for L1 Identity Solutions. CEO Robert LaPenta proved talented over the years at farting away shareholder money, but not making any. He  ran the company into the ground and had to auction it off. To generate any bids at all he found he had to split it up, despite promises to the contrary.

Part of L1 is a spook shop, a set of mercenaries under hire by American "intelligence" agencies.  That sale became final yesterday, to BAE, which answers to London, the professional home of Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five.

That clears the way for peddling the rest of L1, basically the biometrics-related chunk, to Safron which is not only French but partially owned by the rulers of the Fifth Republic, a nation which has still not quite forgiven us for getting their soil all bloody in the summer of 1944.


Oh well, the Limeys and the Frogs may not do much worse with their new spy toys and telescreens than we did.